Which Seasonal Changes Impact Raccoon Behavior and How Can You Prepare

Which Seasonal Changes Impact Raccoon Behavior and How Can You Prepare?

As the seasons change, so does the behaviour of local wildlife, and raccoons are no exception. These clever creatures adjust their habits with the weather, sometimes leading them into our homes and gardens. In this article, we’ll explore how raccoons behave throughout the year and offer practical tips on how you can prepare for each season.

Understanding Seasonal Changes in Raccoon Behavior

Seasonal changes significantly impact raccoon behaviour, influencing their feeding, breeding, and sheltering habits. Here’s how these changes affect raccoons and some tips on how to prepare:


Raccoon in Spring

Behaviour: Spring is the breeding season for raccoons. They become more active as they search for mates and suitable nesting sites.

Preparation: Secure garbage cans and close any potential entry points to attics or basements to prevent raccoons from nesting in unwanted areas.


raccoon in summer

Behaviour: With warmer weather, raccoons spend more time foraging for food. They are particularly drawn to gardens, outdoor pet food, and garbage.

Preparation: Use raccoon-proof lids on trash bins, keep pet food indoors.


raccoon in fall

Behaviour: Raccoons bulk up for winter in the fall. They consume more food to increase their fat reserves and seek cozy, enclosed spaces for the cold months.

Preparation: Ensure chimneys are capped and repair any holes in the roof or exterior walls to keep raccoons from entering and setting up a winter den inside your home.


Raccoon in Winter

Behaviour: Raccoons often become less visible in winter as they are not true hibernators but enter a torpor-like state during severe weather, reducing their activity significantly.

Preparation: Maintain a clean yard free of debris and food sources that might attract raccoons. Check your home periodically for signs of entry or damage.

Pestong Commitment to Effective Wildlife Management

At Pestong Pest Control Toronto, we understand the challenges of managing wildlife in urban settings. Our raccoon pest control team offers humane and effective solutions to help keep raccoons and other wildlife away from your property. From professional assessments to customized intervention plans, we make your home remain safe and undisturbed throughout the year.


Awareness of raccoon’s seasonal behaviours and taking bold steps to reduce their presence can greatly reduce the likelihood of unwanted encounters. By following the tips outlined in this article and considering professional pest control services, you can enjoy a raccoon-free environment. Remember, the key to effective wildlife management is prevention, and at Pestong Pest Control Toronto, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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