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Looking for the best raccoon control service? Quality and trust come from experience, and our licensed monitoring company has been serving residential customers in the area for over 17 years. Our raccoon control experts have raised the bar in the industry by focusing on safety, quality and customer service. For this reason, our staff is prepared to learn about your raccoon control problems, help you solve them, and offer advice based on years of experience and job training.

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Raccoons are known for their destructive nature, including destroying lawns and other property. It’s only natural to desire to get rid of them as soon as possible. A professional pest control service should remove raccoons from their current locations whenever possible. This is especially true when there is nowhere to go and nothing to do physically. However, this technique is rarely utilized unless required due to the stress of trapping raccoons.

In addition, a skilled specialist will know not to trap a female raccoon during the baby season, as doing so would mean leaving her babies behind. Keep in mind that pestong can only be moved within a 1-kilometer radius, as mandated by city ordinances.

One-Way Door Raccoon Removal Scarborough

First, look for raccoon babies and entry points. To locate the creatures, the technician will employ a process of elimination. As soon as it is located, a one-way door will be erected. A swinging door on the outside allows animals to leave but prevents their entry. In the case of newborns, the technician will carefully remove them and place them in a warm box for the mother to return to. None of the animals are harmed in the process.

When raccoons encounter a one-way door, they abandon their burrows. After we remove the intruders, we’ll replace the door with galvanized steel mesh, which animals won’t be able to chew through. For an additional cost, we will clean and secure any sensitive areas. Further exclusion is typically advised to prevent readmission.

Sometimes you have to lay a trap. Contrary to popular belief, we do not engage in animal cruelty. When removing raccoons, we exclusively employ safe and humane methods. We trap and remove raccoons humanely.

Raccoon Pest Control Inspection Using Thermal Cameras

Raccoons are large, robust creatures. This is the most prevalent sort of damage caused by raccoons. They can rip open ventilation systems and damage home insulation. It’s also possible for them to do damage to your home’s wiring and plumbing by gnawing on cables and wires. Raccoons will eat wood if they can’t find anything else.

Raccoons can cause significant property damage and spread disease through droppings and excrement. These not only produce an offensive odor but also have serious health consequences. Raccoons are known to spread a wide variety of diseases and allergens. Therefore, Raccoons are animals that harm locals’ health, property, and products near people’s homes.

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Identification Of Raccoons

If you hear noises in your attic, how do you know it’s a raccoon, not a squirrel or mice? The first step is to identify raccoons when trying to get rid of raccoons from your house. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, typically coming out to forage after dark. When they wake up in the evening, they walk towards their entry point and depart the attic to look for food. This can continue till morning when they return to complete their business. Presently, you may hear the sound of pounding feet on your ceiling.

Raccoon noises are unusual during the day. However, you may hear some movement but not as much as in the evening. Raccoons will likely keep you awake as they rummage through insulation, play, or settle in for the night.

Diseases Associated With Raccoons

Raccoons and squirrels are both known to spread harmful bacteria and viruses. Raccoons most commonly spread roundworms. It’s possible that some squirrels spread ringworm (different from roundworms). Look at the list of diseases that follow to find out more about them:


Rabies Vaccine


abdominal infection


Test of Leptospirosis


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Food They Eat

Raccoons are omnivores of medium size and will consume practically everything, including fruit, nuts, and berries, as well as frogs, insects, bird eggs, and mice. Raccoons that live in cities will also forage for food in garbage cans, compost piles, and dumpsters. A second favorite treat is a food that has been put outside for pets.



Type Of Damage Do They Cause

Raccoons will frequently cause damage to your roof, including your shingles, soffits, roof vents, roof pipes, and rooflines, to gain access to your attic. To sneak under the deck or the shed, they destroy the lattice. They will tear the chimney covers apart and damage them before making a comfortable nest in the flue until the coverings are removed. They broke the support beams in the attic and should pay for the repairs. They can chew through the electrical wiring. The roundworms in their poop could seriously damage your health.

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About Raccoon Babies

The newborns have to be physically removed from March through August. To assess whether or not there are young raccoons at the location, it is necessary to search the area thoroughly. The baby raccoons will be returned to their mother as soon as we have successfully removed them from your home and relocated them somewhere. We put them in what we call a “baby box” and set it next to the entry hole in your roof so they can wait for their mother. After the mother has finished gathering her children, she moves them to a different and more secure spot.

What To Do?

If you suspect or know that raccoons are lurking nearby, it is unnecessary to become very alarmed. You can count on having a team of experts by your side to help you get rid of pestong raccoons. The consistency and excellence of our services are sources of great satisfaction for us. Satisfying our customers is our priority, so rest assured that we won’t rest until the problem is completely fixed. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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