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Are you dealing with unwanted feathered guests at your home or business? Bird infestations can lead to significant damage and pose health risks. That's where our specialized bird removal services come into play. We offer expert solutions to safely and friendly remove birds from your property.

Birds, while often beautiful, can create unsanitary conditions and cause damage to structures with their nesting habits and droppings. Pestong’s team of experienced wildlife pest specialists is equipped with the most advanced methods and eco-friendly practices to address your bird problems effectively. We understand the nuances of bird behaviour and habitat preferences, enabling us to implement targeted removal strategies to keep the birds away.

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mike tsf
mike tsf
We heard some weird sounds coming from the attic. Ali found the entry point for the red squirrel He also found mouse droppings in the attic so did the pest control for both. Ali was amazing. He came to my house on short notice. He was able to locate the problem right away. He put our minds at ease. I would recommend this PESTONG to all my family and friends.
Paris G
Paris G
Squirrels were bothering us, my friend referred me to Pestong Pest Control. Ali came on time and helped us to squirrel exclusion. That was a great squirrel removal experience for us by Ali
Natalia Turner
Natalia Turner
Ali from Pestong was incredible! I called with a rodent issue outside, he was there within the hour! Bait stations set up outside. He is extremely personable. I would never hesitate to call him again! Not all superheroes wear capes.
Lathan Dsp
Lathan Dsp
strongly voted to do the bedbug treatment with Pestong. as we hired them for our problem with a great solution by Ali from Pestong pest control.
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall
We're very grateful for Ali this evening as we had a bed bug scare. He came within the hour and did a thorough inspection of my house, giving me reassurance with his attention to detail. He's friendly and thoughtful.
Arielle Faber
Arielle Faber
Quick and friendly service. Called on a Friday evening and we were able to resolve our pest issue less than 24 hrs later!
Caitlyn Osborn
Caitlyn Osborn
Ali was great, came within a couple hours of my phone call. Very reasonably priced, the squirrel problem was fixed the same day. Definitely will use his services again!
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart
Amazing service from Ali, does a throughout inspection and responds immediately when called. And mice control process done by him is smooth and efficient.
marlene ricketts
marlene ricketts
We were struggling with Bedbugs. We called Pestong pest control for bedbugs control we were suffering from bedbugs almost 6 months . At last we called Ali and he figured out the source and solve our problem and controlled that Bedbugs problem.
Maa At
Maa At
Pestrong was very accommodating. They showed up on the same day and took their time to ensure quality and assurance. Ali was able to pinpoint the root cause and strategically found a solution to our mice problem.
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Opting for our bird control services brings numerous advantages, positioning us as a top choice in pest management. Here's what makes our service unparalleled:

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Leveraging years of expertise in pest control, our professionals are equipped with the deep knowledge and skills required to address complex bird-related challenges effectively.

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We acknowledge the importance of addressing bird issues with utmost discretion and reliability, ensuring your privacy and convenience are always at the forefront.

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Our approach to bird pest control is grounded in innovation and safety, offering state-of-the-art and humane solutions to manage and remove birds from your premises.

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Our service extends beyond mere bird removal; we provide comprehensive follow-up care to safeguard against future invasions, ensuring long-term protection.

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With clear, upfront pricing, we guarantee no surprises, delivering exceptional value for our top-tier pest control solutions.

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Understanding that each bird problem is distinct, we customize our strategies to align with the specific requirements of your property, ensuring targeted and effective resolution.

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Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, backed by a guarantee that underscores our confidence in our services and dedication to your peace of mind.

Dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for bird pest control. Prevent birds from disrupting your peace and safety. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and embark on the path to a bird-free environment. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your space will be more comfortable and secure. Choose us for unmatched bird control services and experience the difference firsthand.

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Our residential pest control services are designed to protect your home and loved ones from harmful pests. We use safe and eco-friendly techniques to ensure your home stays pest-free.

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We offer commercial pest control services tailored to suit your business needs. From restaurants to offices, we ensure a pest-free environment that reflects your brand's reputation.

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Our industrial pest control services are focused on large-scale pest problems. We provide comprehensive solutions to ensure your industrial space remains safe and pest-free.

Bird Pest Control Service Near You in Toronto

Bird Pest Control Service Near You in Toronto

Our services are designed to tackle all types of bird-related issues, providing relief for residential and commercial properties. Whether you're facing problems with pigeons, sparrows, or any other bird species, we have the expertise to resolve your concerns swiftly. Our approach is not only about removal but also about prevention, offering solutions to prevent future infestations through the use of deterrents and modifications to the environment.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to environmentally responsible methods that protect both the wildlife and ecosystems around us. The Pestong team is ready to assess your situation, offer a comprehensive action plan, and execute the removal process with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Keep bird problems from taking over your space. Contact us today for professional bird removal services near you in the Greater Toronto Area.

Common Bird Pests Near Toronto, Canada

In Toronto, while many bird species coexist harmoniously with humans, some can become pests, leading to the need for professional bird pest control services. Understanding the behaviour and impact of these common avian pests is crucial for effective management and prevention.

Here's a closer look at the birds commonly considered pests in Toronto and the reasons why:

Effective bird control in Toronto requires a multifaceted approach that includes habitat modification, exclusion techniques, and, where necessary, removal. Professional pest control services can offer humane and environmentally friendly solutions to manage bird populations, prevent property damage, and protect human health. These services are essential for maintaining the delicate balance between Toronto’s urban development and wildlife conservation.

Common Types of Bird Control Services We Offer

In addressing bird-related challenges, adopting methods that protect and preserve bird populations while safeguarding human spaces and structures is crucial. Our approach to bird removal emphasizes humane, non-lethal strategies that deter birds without harming them. Here's how our bird-friendly services work:

Exclusion & Deterrents

Our exclusion and deterrent techniques are designed to gently discourage birds from occupying certain areas without causing them any harm. By installing physical barriers such as bird netting and spikes, we prevent birds from nesting and roosting in unwanted locations.


In situations where birds have become a significant nuisance or health risk, kindly trapping methods are employed. Our trapping techniques are designed to safely capture birds without causing harm, allowing for their relocation to more appropriate environments.

Habitat Modification

Modifying the habitat around your property can significantly reduce its attractiveness to birds. This involves strategies like removing food sources, altering landscaping to remove nesting sites, and managing water sources to discourage birds from gathering.

Our commitment to humane bird control means we prioritize the well-being of birds in all our services. We understand the importance of birds to the ecosystem and strive to ensure that our methods not only solve human-bird conflicts but also contribute to the conservation of bird populations. By choosing our services, you opt for effective, ethical solutions that respect the natural world.

The Impact of Growing Bird Populations in Canada

Wild and common bird species could appear to pose no threat at all. However, one needs to know right away that these birds, which appear harmless, can expand in number within a very short period. In a short amount of time, it will become abundantly clear that the population of these birds has the potential to expand, thereby becoming a significant source of annoyance and difficulty. The following is a list of some of the most common issues that are related to birds and their rapidly increasing population:

Bird Fouling

Birds leave behind droppings and waste on buildings and other surfaces in one's immediate environment.

Aggressive Behavior

In extreme circumstances, aggressive behavior that spirals out of control can potentially result in injuries sustained by those involved.


Birds have a propensity for nesting and roosting in the most hidden crevices and spaces. It's possible that it could cause obstructions in specific situations.


Some birds are notorious for the extremely loud noises, which can be very annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to breeding and nesting, bird activity in Toronto peaks during the spring and summer. However, species like pigeons and sparrows remain active year-round. Pestong offers comprehensive bird control services tailored to address increased bird activity during these times, employing humane and effective strategies to manage and deter bird populations.

Birds can cause various issues, including property damage from droppings, health risks from diseases, and nuisances from noise and aggressive behaviour.

Bird infestations often occur due to accessible food sources, suitable nesting sites, or the absence of deterrents. We can assist by thoroughly assessing your property to identify and mitigate these attractants and employing strategic bird removal solutions to prevent future infestations.

Consider implementing bird-proofing measures such as spikes, nets, and acoustic devices to deter birds from entering your commercial premises. Additionally, secure waste storage and elimination of food sources are crucial. For professional assistance, Pestong offers customized bird control strategies to keep your business bird-free.

Humane bird control methods include the use of non-harmful deterrents, habitat modification to make areas less attractive to birds, and professional relocation services. These methods ensure the safety and well-being of the birds while addressing the issues they cause.

If you find a bird's nest on your property, assess whether it's active with eggs or chicks. Generally, waiting until the nest is vacated is advisable before attempting removal. For nests belonging to protected species, or if you're unsure of the best course of action, Pestong can offer guidance and services to ensure the nest is handled appropriately and in compliance with local wildlife protection laws.

Birds Nest in Residential Areas in Toronto

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