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Fleas, with a lifespan of about 100 days and the ability to produce 400-500 offspring, can quickly infest homes via pets. These tiny pests can jump up to 8 inches high, spreading easily between hosts. Flea infestations cause severe itching, skin irritation, and can transmit diseases.

For effective flea management, contact Pestong Flea Exterminator Service. Our experienced team uses advanced, eco-friendly methods to tackle infestations comprehensively. We address the root cause and implement solutions that target all life stages of fleas, ensuring thorough eradication.

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Why Choose Us

Pestong employs proven techniques, including heat treatments and insect growth regulators, to eliminate fleas safely. We prioritize your safety by using products safe for humans and pets. Trust Pestong Pest Control for professional and lasting flea removal in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Expertise and Experience

Leveraging years of expertise in pest control, our professionals are equipped with the deep knowledge and skills required to address complex flea -related challenges effectively.

Discreet and Reliable Service

We acknowledge the importance of addressing flea issues with utmost discretion and reliability, ensuring your privacy and convenience are always at the forefront.

Innovative and Safe Solutions

Our approach to flea pest control is grounded in innovation and safety, offering state-of-the-art and humane solutions to manage and remove flea from your premises.

Comprehensive Follow-Up and Prevention

Our service extends beyond mere flea removal; we provide comprehensive follow-up care to safeguard against future invasions, ensuring long-term protection.

Customized Solutions

Understanding that flea problem is distinct, we customize our strategies to align with the specific requirements of your property, ensuring targeted and effective resolution.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Customer Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, backed by a guarantee that underscores our confidence in our services and dedication to your peace of mind.

How Do I Know If I Have A Flea Infestation?

witnessing fleas jumping about on carpets, drapes, and other pieces of furniture

Check the fur on your pet

Several dots should be visible if you pull back your pet's fur and look at their genitalia and under their arms.

You should look for fleas if your pet is excessively licking or itching

Other symptoms include itching and bite marks on humans and feces that look like coarse black pepper and have been seen on couches, beds, and even pet beds.

Flea Impact On Your Life


Fleas spread several different types of germs and viruses.

Pest Diseases

Fleas are known to spread diseases such as typhus and bubonic plague.

typhoid fever symptoms

Cat fleas transmit diseases like typhus through their feces.

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