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Fleas have a life expectancy of approximately 100 days, during which the females can produce between 400 and 500 progeny. Fleas hitch rides on rodents and other mammals to move from one host to another, and they often stay attached to their hosts at all times. The muscular legs of these bugs allow them to make vertical leaps up to 8 inches high, which is 150 times higher than their height. If people were capable of doing this, we would be able to leap tall buildings with ease.

pest control services in Toronto, Canada
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pest control services in Toronto, Canada
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Pestong Pest Control Provides Flea Control In Scarborough

Flea management can be a real pain. They are itty-bitty pests that, at first glance, you might not even notice. However, even though they could appear harmless due to their small size, you should not be fooled and call Pestong Pest Control services as soon as possible for a thorough and professional fleas control service.

How Do I Know If I Have A Flea Infestation?

witnessing fleas jumping about on carpets, drapes, and other pieces of furniture

Check the fur on your pet

Several dots should be visible if you pull back your pet's fur and look at their genitalia and under their arms.

You should look for fleas if your pet is excessively licking or itching

Other symptoms include itching and bite marks on humans and feces that look like coarse black pepper and have been seen on couches, beds, and even pet beds.

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Flea Infestation

Fleas are very small insects that, for the most part, find their way into homes via animals kept inside. People who own dogs, cats, or any other furry animals should be especially alert to the possibility of flea infestations. Fleas can transmit diseases to humans. Severe itching and irritation are two of the earliest and most obvious symptoms when fleas are present. The presence of fleas has been related to several skin conditions, including irritation, redness, and dry spots on the skin. Even if the signs are easy to recognize, it might be challenging to locate the fleas themselves even when they are present.

Pestong Fleas Control Scarborough

We at Pestong Pest Control offer Scarborough residents a flea control service by trained professionals. As soon as one of our customers gets in touch with us, the next thing we do is investigate what exactly is causing the problem. We get to the bottom of the problem and solve it at its most fundamental level by determining its primary cause and addressing it. We can effectively control the flea population using this method.

pest control services in Toronto, Canada
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Fleas spread several different types of germs and viruses.

Pest Diseases

Fleas are known to spread diseases such as typhus and bubonic plague.

typhoid fever symptoms

Cat fleas transmit diseases like typhus through their feces.

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Safe Flea Extermination In Scarborough

Pestong pest control service is an industry leader in flea extermination, employing tried-and-true methods, including heat treatments to restore your home’s natural condition. Our technicians have access to cutting-edge methods for pest control and will use those methods to provide you with the highest standard of care possible. Fleas are a typical nuisance pest that can invade your home or business. Although fleas pose little threat to people, they may be a nuisance. Because of this, pestong is dedicated to permanently removing all traces of insects from your home. We guarantee that all contaminated areas will be cleaned with safe products for humans and pets because your safety is our first concern.

How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

Fleas are notoriously challenging to eradicate because of their abundance and the ease with which they can hop from one host animal to another indoors and out. To get rid of fleas once and for all, you need a treatment that targets all stages of the flea’s life cycle, not just adults, indoors and outdoors, and on pets. The adults can be eliminated by using flea traps throughout the house and a flea collar and shampoo on the pet. The fleas hatching and hiding in the home’s furniture and carpeting can be removed or killed by vacuuming and steam cleaning. Professional pestong pest control services are recommended for the safest and most effective application of flea products, including insect growth regulator (IGR) and insecticides, in addition to the aforementioned measures.

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