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Termites pose a significant risk to homes, businesses, and other buildings. They can multiply and spread rapidly and are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Termites are well-known for damaging wooden objects and furniture, often permanent. Thus, the significance of termite control services should go without saying. Contact Pestong Pest Control immediately if you suspect you have a termite infestation in your home, business, or other structure.

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Harms Of Termites:

Termites are a significant threat to wood and pose a health hazard. They can get their claws on wood, which is quickly devoured. Termite infestations pose a health hazard. People living or visiting a location with a high termite population are more likely to experience allergic reactions and asthma crises.

It is perilous to have a problem with termites. Keeping an eye out for indicators of a termite infestation is necessary, so being aware of your surroundings is a given. If you see wood damage and do some digging, you’ll likely find a termite nest beneath the affected area. If you look closely enough, you can see the termites moving around in addition to the wood damage.

How Serious Are TERMITES ?

The damp wood termite has a head that is either brown or yellowish-brown in color, and its jaws are either black or dark brown. It has the look of a soldier.
Workers of the western subterranean termite resemble little, white, or cream-colored ants and are the most common form of the species.
In addition, the soldiers of the eastern subterranean termite have a rectangular armored head that is orange in color and is equipped with pinchers that they employ to crush the ants.

Expert Termite Removal Services

Termite infestations can be problematic, but luckily Pestong Pest Control is here to help. Therefore, we are the most excellent alternative to help you in this regard, as we are among the most experienced pest control service providers in Scarborough. We have been in business for a long time and have helped many customers; this exposure to the market has allowed us to develop methods to help us successfully eradicate the termite problem

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High-Quality Services

Quality is a highly essential metric and very near to our hearts. Regarding the quality of our services, we do not make any concessions. As Scarborough termite control professionals, our staff approaches their work with a high commitment and enthusiasm. To provide our customers with the most effective termite control in Scarborough, we will pull out all the stops and spare no effort.

We at Pestong Pest Control can deliver the most effective services available in this part of town by utilizing techniques such as termite spray and the most up-to-date and sophisticated termite control techniques. In addition to the product’s quality, we also consider the price of the termite treatment. The comparison results will make it abundantly clear that our price packages offer the most wallet- and purse-friendly options. As a result, our clients receive the highest quality, reliability, and pricing termite control services that are the most reasonable and pocket-friendly possible. What exactly are you looking forward to? Get in touch with us immediately, and we will take care of all the problems caused by the termite infestation.

Methods For Termites Extermination

There are two types of treatments that are utilized no matter where you are located to eradicate or eliminate termites in your house or place of business. Pre-construction and post-construction treatments are their respective names.

Pre-Construction Treatments

Anti-termite treatments are performed worldwide, and they involve treating the soil, the foundation, and the floor structure of a building with an insecticide. (This technique is utilized in the preliminary stages of the building process.) this insecticide kills termites and drives them away from people's homes and places of business, and it also acts as a toxic shield that is harmful to termites.

Post-Construction Treatments

The pest control technician will use this tool to drill holes in the ground and then fill those holes with poisonous chemical goods that will kill the termites and prevent them from entering your home or business. After all, this is finished, and the holes have been closed up).

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