What Are Common Post-Removal Procedures to Keep Raccoons Away for Good

What Are Common Post-Removal Procedures to Keep Raccoons Away for Good?

Dealing with raccoons can be tricky, as these clever animals often find their way back unless proper measures are taken. Whether you’ve recently had a raccoon removed or want to keep these curious animals at bay, we can help. Below, we will share some effective strategies from which the raccoons don’t return to your property. Let’s keep your home secure and raccoon-free with simple, preventative steps!

Effective Strategies to Prevent Raccoon Reinfestation

Effective Strategies to Prevent Raccoon Reinfestation

To keep raccoons away for good after removing them, you can implement several strategies that focus on deterring their return and making your property less attractive to them. Here are some common post-removal procedures:

  • Secure Garbage and Compost Bins: Raccoons are often attracted to garbage and compost for easy meals. Use bins with secure, locking lids and consider placing them in a locked shed or garage overnight.
  • Remove Food Sources: Remove other potential food sources besides securing your garbage. This includes pet food, bird feeders, and fallen fruits or nuts from trees in your yard.
  • Close-Off Entry Points: Seal any openings raccoons used to access your home, such as holes in the roof, vents, or spaces under the porch. Use sturdy materials like metal flashing or heavy-duty mesh that raccoons cannot chew through.
  • Maintain Your Yard: Keep your yard clean and clear of debris. Trim branches that hang close to your house, which raccoons could use as pathways onto your roof.
  • Use Raccoon Repellents: Commercial repellents or natural deterrents like ammonia-soaked rags can help keep raccoons at bay. Place these near areas where raccoons were previously active.
  • Install Motion-Activated Lights or Sprinklers: These devices can startle and scare away raccoons when they approach. The sudden light or spray of water acts as a deterrent.
  • Regular Inspections: Inspect your home and yard for signs of raccoon activity or potential new entry points. Early detection can prevent another infestation.

By incorporating these strategies, you can greatly reduce the chances of raccoons returning to your property after removal.


Keeping raccoons away requires a bit of effort and the right strategies. By securing potential food sources, closing off entry points, and using deterrents, you can significantly reduce the chances of these creatures returning. Remember, consistency is key in wildlife prevention. If you ever need extra help or professional advice, Pestong Pest Control Toronto is just a call away. Let us help you keep your home raccoon-free and comfortable for everyone.

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