When is DIY Raccoon Removal Appropriate, and When Is It Not

When is DIY Raccoon Removal Appropriate, and When Is It Not?

Raccoons can be tricky to deal with, especially if they start making a mess in your yard or even your home. Sometimes, you can handle the problem yourself, but other times, it’s best to call in the experts. Here, we will help you figure out when it’s safe to try DIY raccoon removal and when you should leave it to the professionals.

DIY Raccoon Removal: When It’s Okay

DIY Raccoon Removal

  1. Minor Infestations: If you only see one raccoon in your yard and it hasn’t set up a home, you might be able to handle it yourself.
  2. Non-Invasive Locations: When raccoons are outside and not inside your home, DIY methods like noise deterrents, lights, or secure trash cans might work.
  3. No Direct Contact Needed: If you can deal with the raccoon without getting close, it’s safer for you and the animal.
  4. Simple Preventative Measures: When the issue can be resolved by securing trash cans, removing food sources, or using natural repellents.
  5. Early Detection: DIY solutions can be effective if you catch the problem early before raccoons have nested or caused damage.
  6. Limited to Outdoor Areas: If the raccoons are confined to your yard or garden and haven’t entered your home or attic.

When to Call Professionals

  1. Raccoons Inside Your Home: If raccoons have made their way into your attic, basement, or walls, it’s time to call in experts. They know how to safely remove and relocate them.
  2. Health Risks: Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies. If you suspect a raccoon is sick or acting strangely, don’t risk it—call professionals.
  3. Aggressive Behavior: If a raccoon seems aggressive or won’t leave, it’s best to get help from pest control experts.
  4. Property Damage: Raccoons can cause significant damage to your home. If you notice damage, professionals can remove the raccoons and advise on repairs.
  5. Protected Wildlife: In Toronto, certain wildlife protections may apply. Experts are familiar with local laws and ensure humane and legal removal.

Our raccoon removal service at Pestong ensures the safe and humane removal of raccoons from your property. We have experienced professionals who can handle any situation, from minor infestations to major intrusions. Trust Pestong to keep your home raccoon-free and secure.


While some raccoon problems can be handled with DIY methods, more serious issues should be left to professionals. If you live in Toronto and need help with raccoon removal, contact Pestong Pest Control Service for safe and effective solutions.

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