What Are the Most Effective Home Remedies for Deterring Raccoons

What Are the Most Effective Home Remedies for Deterring Raccoons?

Raccoons can be a persistent nuisance in urban and suburban areas, especially in cities like Toronto and Scarborough, where they often seek food and shelter. While professional raccoon removal services are often the most effective way to handle an infestation, there are several home remedies you can use to deter these clever critters. Here are some effective methods to discourage raccoons from taking up residence on your property.

Why Raccoons Are Attracted to Human Habitats:

Why Raccoons Are Attracted to Human Habitats

  • Food Sources: Raccoons are omnivores whose diet is handily enhanced by human trash, pet food, and nursery produce. Simple entry is a major attraction for dining in residential areas.
  • Shelter: Human habitats provide numerous sheltering options for raccoons, including attics, sheds, garages, and hollows under decks or porches, which are perfect for nesting.

Preparatory Steps Before Using Home Remedies

Effective management of raccoon problems begins with preventive measures. We recommend several preparatory steps to make your property less attractive to raccoons, reducing the likelihood of an invasion.

Securing Trash Cans and Removing Food Sources:

  • Secure Lids: Use raccoon-proof or secure your trash can lids with bungee cords or weights. This simple step can significantly reduce raccoon visits.
  • Regular Disposal: Ensure waste is regularly disposed of and bins are kept clean to minimize scents that attract raccoons.

Securing Pet Food and Bird Feeders:

  • Pet Food: Feed pets indoors when possible, and avoid leaving pet food outside overnight. Store pet food in secure containers.
  • Bird Feeders: Place bird feeders in an area that is not effectively open to raccoons, like on high shafts with baffle devices.

The Role of Cleanliness in Deterring Raccoons:

  • Yard Maintenance: Consistently tidy up fallen berries, organic products, and nuts, which are captivating to raccoons.
  • Debris and Clutter: Reduce mess and garbage around your property to stop potential nesting sites.

Implementing these steps is not only meant to prevent raccoons from choosing your property, but they’re also a basic starting point for any home remedies you decide to implement later. When these home remedies are combined with understanding deterrents, these preventative techniques can deter raccoons without resorting to harsh measures.

Home Remedies to Deter Raccoons

Home Remedies to Deter Raccoons

In addition to preparatory steps, we advocate using humane, eco-friendly home remedies to deter raccoons. These methods can be effective when implemented correctly and consistently. Here, we explore several solutions you can easily apply around your home.

Natural Repellents

Natural repellents are a safe way to discourage raccoons without harming them or the environment. Here are some Homemade Natural Repellent options:

Recipe for a Homemade Natural Repellent Spray:

  • Ingredients: Mix water with cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and onion juice. These ingredients have pungent odours, which raccoons find unpleasant.
  • Application: Spray this mixture around the perimeter of your yard, near garbage areas, and close to entry points where raccoons might gain access.

Using Vinegar or Ammonia as Deterrents:

  • Vinegar: Soak a cloth in vinegar and place it in areas where raccoons frequent. The strong smell discourages them from lingering.
  • Ammonia: Similar to vinegar, ammonia can be used by soaking rags and placing them in strategic areas. However, use ammonia cautiously as its odour is very potent and should be kept away from pets and children.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can effectively block raccoons from entering specific areas. Here are some techniques:

Building Fence Enclosures:

  • Materials: Use sturdy materials like heavy gauge wire mesh or solid wood.
  • Design Tips: Ensure the fence is 4 feet high with an outward top to prevent climbing. Cover the bottom of the wall 12 to 18 inches deep to deflect the excavation.

Using Electric Fences:

  • Setup: Small, battery-powered electric fence units, especially around gardens, can be effective.
  • Caution: Set up signs warning about the electric fence to ensure the safety of others and comply with local regulations.

Netting and Covers to Protect Gardens:

  • Netting: Use durable netting to cover fruit trees or garden areas.
  • Covers: Special row covers can protect seedlings from being disturbed by raccoons.

Scare Tactics

Raccoons are cautious by nature, and scare tactics can leverage this trait to your advantage:

Motion-Activated Lights and Sprinklers:

  • Lights: Install motion-sensor lights around your home and garden to scare raccoons away during their night visits.
  • Sprinklers: Motion-activated sprinklers can be an unexpected deterrent, providing a harmless but effective surprise to invading raccoons.

Noise Devices or Radios:

  • Noise Devices: Devices emitting occasional or motion-activated sound bursts can disrupt a raccoon’s sense of safety.
  • Radios: A radio set to a talk station can mimic human activity, which may discourage raccoons from approaching.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

While home remedies can help deter raccoons, they may not always resolve persistent or severe infestations. In such cases, professional raccoon removal services become necessary. Our expert team at Pestong Pest and Animal Control specializes in comprehensive raccoon control solutions if you’re in Toronto, Scarborough, or surrounding areas. We are experienced in safely and humanely removing raccoons from your property.

Our services include a thorough inspection to identify and seal entry points to prevent future infestations. We use environmentally friendly methods to ensure the safety of your family and pets. Whether you need raccoon removal in Scarborough or raccoon control in Toronto, our trained exterminators are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to restore peace to your home.

Don’t let raccoons disrupt your life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a raccoon-free environment. Our professional approach ensures effective results, letting you enjoy a safe and secure home.


While these home remedies can effectively deter raccoons, they may not always provide an enduring solution, especially in cases of severe infestation. For persistent problems, it’s advisable to contact our professional raccoon removal services. Pestong professionals, skilled as raccoon exterminators and in raccoon control, can offer more permanent solutions to keep your home raccoon-free.   

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