How to Choose the Professional Squirrel Control

How to Choose the Professional Squirrel Control

Suppose you have trouble with squirrels in the house, making noise or damaging things, so you must seek expert help. Squirrels can still be charming in addition to causing target problems and diseases. Trying to eliminate them is challenging; calling in experts like us at Pestong Pest Control is better. We are great at safely removing squirrels and returning to the game while keeping your home and the squirrel safe. With our experience and equipment, we can solve any squirrel problem. Additionally, we do it in a way that’s creature-friendly and convenient for you. Trust us to keep your space squirrel-free and quiet.

Understanding Squirrel Behavior and Risks

Understanding Squirrel Behavior and Risks

Managing squirrels can be overwhelming if you need to know what to look for. Although often seen as harmless, these creatures can present difficulties and dangers while making your home their own. We must investigate the signs of infestation and possible threats.

Common Signs of Squirrel Infestation

At the point when squirrels attack, they’re not precisely quiet about it. The following are several indications that you could have unwanted visitors:

  • Noise in the Attic or Walls: Squirrels are active during the day. Hearing scratching, rushing, or bustling noises above your roof or inside your walls, particularly in the morning or early evening, is a significant sign of squirrel presence.
  • Damage to the Exterior of the House: Pay special attention to bite marks on wood, siding, and even wires. Squirrels have solid teeth that constantly develop, expecting them to bite on hard materials to keep them in check. This habit can lead to visible damage to your home’s exterior and potentially hazardous situations.

Health and Safety Risks

While squirrels in your terrace probably won’t represent an immediate danger, those that enter your home can lead to several health and safety risks:

  • Diseases Squirrels Can Carry: Squirrels transmit infections, such as leptospirosis and rabies, to people and pets. They also carry parasites such as ticks and worms, which can spread various diseases.
  • Potential Fire Hazards from Chewed Wires: One of the most dangerous aspects of squirrel infestation is their tendency to cut electrical wires. Not only does this aim to damage your home’s electrical framework, but it can likewise represent a fire risk. Exposed wires are a source of electrical fires in homes.

Understanding these behavioral patterns and possibilities is critical to addressing the importance of handling a squirrel’s dispersal quickly and expertly. We are experts in identifying and eliminating these hazards, ensuring your home will not suffer from these integrated gate crashers.

Why DIY Squirrel Control Isn’t Always the Answer

Why DIY Squirrel Control Isn't Always the Answer

Attempting to tackle a squirrel infestation as a weekend DIY project often results in more frustration than success. Professional intervention is recommended and essential for long-term solutions.

Challenges of DIY Approaches

  • Temporary Solutions and Recurring Infestations: Many do-it-yourself solutions fix only temporary relief from squirrels. Without addressing the primary root cause of spread, such as entry points and attractor factors, squirrels are likely to return, leading to repeated attacks.
  • Potential Harm to the Homeowner and the Squirrels: Attempting to exterminate squirrels without proper knowledge or equipment can be dangerous. Homeowners are vulnerable to injury, and squirrels can suffer too much if not cared for. Our experts in Toronto and surrounding areas use other awareness strategies to guarantee the safety of both parties.

Legal Considerations

  • Local Wildlife Protection Laws: Many areas have clear guidelines regarding the handling and removing wildlife, including squirrels. Unapproved evictions can lead to legal consequences for homeowners.
  • Legal Methods for Squirrel Removal: Experts know the legal and humane techniques for eliminating and relocating squirrels, ensuring compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

Selecting a Professional Squirrel Control Service

Selecting a Professional Squirrel Control Service

Choosing the right experts can make all the difference in effectively cracking your squirrel problem. Here’s what to consider when selecting a squirrel removal service in Toronto.

Certifications and Experience

Importance of Hiring a Licensed and Insured Professional: 

Hiring a licensed and insured service for safe and effective removal guarantees the quality of work and protects your property and the technicians.

  • Pestong’s Certifications and Years of Experience: We pride ourselves on our comprehensive experience and certifications in pest control. Our team has the knowledge and tools to provide effective long-term solutions.

Humane and Effective Methods

  • Overview of Humane Squirrel Removal Techniques: We use the most humane and healthy methods to capture and relocate squirrels, guaranteeing their safety while protecting your home.
  • How Pestong Ensures the Safety of Both the Animals and the Homeowners: Our approach is thoughtful of the squirrels’ and our client’s safety and health, sticking to the highest standards of pest control practices.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Inspection and Assessment of Infestation: Our process begins with a complete inspection to understand the scope of the infestation and the points of entry.
  • Customized Treatment Plans Offered: Based on the inspection, we developed a plan that addresses the current infestation and preventive measures to avoid future issues.
  • Prevention Tips and Follow-Up Support: We offer clients practical advice on preventing squirrels and follow-up support to guarantee their homes remain pest-free.

By choosing us, you guarantee to solve squirrel problems efficiently, humanely, and with the leading professionalism, keeping your home safe and peaceful.

What to Expect from Your Service Provider

What to Expect from Your Service Provider

Selecting our company for your squirrel management needs means getting far-reaching pest control Toronto service from start to end. It is the thing you can expect when you join forces with us.

Initial Consultation and Inspection

Our initial step is a reliable itemized examination of your property. Our trained experts will survey your home or business to identify signs of squirrel activity, potential entry points, and any damage caused by an attack. It allows us to tailor our approach precisely to your circumstances.

Treatment Implementation

We develop a tailored treatment plan following the evaluation. This plan can include understanding squirrel capture and movement, fixing the section focused on preventing re-emergence and repairing any damage. Our strategies aim to be healthy for your family, pets, and squirrels while assuring the problem is solved.


Dealing with squirrels too much at home can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry too much about it. Getting help from our professionals is to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. When you pick Pestong Pest Control, you choose a team that cares about giving you a better, kind, and working solution that fits your needs. Our experts are all about getting your squirrel troubles sorted out fast, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of the squirrels. With us, you can feel relaxed knowing your home is safe from these quick little creatures.

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