How Do Raccoons Enter Urban Homes and What Attracts Them

How Do Raccoons Enter Urban Homes and What Attracts Them?

Raccoons are clever creatures that often find ways to sneak into urban homes, seeking shelter, food, and water. They can enter through open doors, chimneys, and even loose roof shingles. In this article, we’ll explore how raccoons enter urban homes and what attracts them, providing helpful tips to protect your space from these curious critters.

How They Enter

  1. Open Doors and Windows: They can squeeze through small openings like open windows, doors, or pet doors.
  2. Chimneys: Raccoons are excellent climbers and can easily descend a chimney to access the home.
  3. Roof Openings: Loose shingles, gaps in roof soffits, or ventilation ducts can serve as entry points.
  4. Attic or Basement Vents: Unprotected vents are prime entry spots.
  5. Garage or Shed: Unsecured garages or sheds are also inviting spaces.

What Attracts Them

  1. Food Sources:
    • Pet Food: Unattended pet food left outside.
    • Garbage: Unsecured trash cans are like a buffet for raccoons.
    • Gardens and Fruit Trees: Raccoons love fruits, vegetables, and other plants.
  2. Shelter:
    • Attics and Basements: Offer warmth and security for nesting.
    • Sheds and Garages: Secluded and secure spaces for raising their young.
  3. Water Sources:
    • Bird Baths or Pet Bowls: Any easily accessible water source will attract them.
    • Ponds and Pools: Can also be attractive.

Preventative Measures

  1. Secure Trash Cans with Lids or Locks: Garbage should be stored in strong containers with tight-fitting lids or locks to prevent raccoons from accessing it.
  2. Remove Food Sources from Your Yard: Don’t leave pet food, fallen fruits, or bird feeders accessible, as these can attract raccoons looking for an easy meal.
  3. Install Chimney Caps and Vent Covers: Cover chimneys and vents with sturdy caps to block raccoons from entering your home through these openings.
  4. Seal Any Gaps in Roofs or Walls: Inspect your home for gaps or cracks, especially around the roofline, and seal them to eliminate potential entry points.
  5. Trim Tree Branches Near Your Roof: Cut back any tree branches that overhang your roof to prevent raccoons from using them as a pathway to your home.

Understanding these habits and taking preventive measures can reduce the likelihood of raccoons entering your home.

If these preventative measures aren’t enough, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Pestong Pest Control Toronto for professional help.

Our Service at Pestong Pest Control Toronto

Our Service at Pestong Pest Control Toronto

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Raccoons are curious creatures that find urban homes irresistible when food, shelter, or water is available. They can sneak in through open doors, chimneys, or even gaps in the roof. By securing trash cans, blocking entry points, and being mindful of food sources, you can protect your home from these unwelcome visitors. If raccoons have already moved in, reach out to Pestong Pest Control Toronto for safe and effective removal services.

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