The Top 5 Most Common Wildlife Pests in Ajax and How to Safely Remove Them

The Top 5 Most Common Wildlife Pests in Ajax and How to Safely Remove Them

Ajax, a bustling town in Ontario, offers a unique blend of urban life and nature. Its lush parks, gardens, and open spaces are not just a haven for its residents but also for various wildlife. While the sight of a squirrel darting across a garden or birds chirping on a tree can be delightful, some of these wildlife species, when they infringe upon human habitats, become less of a delight and more of a concern.

These creatures, often in search of food or shelter, can inadvertently become pests, leading to property damage, health concerns, or just plain problems. Understanding which of these animals are the most common intruders and learning the humane ways to manage and remove them becomes crucial for harmonious coexistence in Ajax.

Understanding Wildlife Pests

Understanding Wildlife Pests

Wildlife pests are wild animals that inadvertently harm humans, damage properties, or threaten other animals when they venture into populated areas. Although these creatures can sometimes be seen as nuisances, it’s vital to recognise their inherent value. They play indispensable roles in maintaining ecological balance, aiding in pollination, seed dispersal, and natural pest control. However, their challenges cannot be overlooked when their habitats overlap with ours. A healthy coexistence requires protecting our houses and understanding these animals’ worth.

Why Ajax?

Ajax, a town beautifully nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, boasts a diverse ecological landscape. Its green spaces, wetlands, and waterfront areas make it an attractive hotspot for various wildlife species. But as Ajax continues to grow and expand with urbanisation, the natural habitats of these animals are increasingly fragmented and disrupted. Due to this urban-wildlife contact, more interactions have occurred, sometimes pleasantly. The town’s development brings these animals closer to homes, worsening the human-wildlife conflict.

Top 5 Most Common Wildlife Pests in Ajax



Cockroaches are notorious pests known for their resilience and adaptability. With a history that dates back millions of years, cockroaches have survived through various environmental changes. They are primarily nocturnal, often scurrying away when exposed to light. Found in homes, restaurants, and other structures, they search for food and water, spreading germs in the process. Their presence can indicate unsanitary conditions, and their droppings can trigger allergies in many people. The mere sight of them can be unsettling, making them one of the most disliked pests worldwide.



Cute but mischievous raccoons top the list. Attracted by garbage and food leftovers, they can be seen rummaging through trash bins. Raccoon nocturnal creatures are highly intelligent and have dexterous hands that enable them to open containers, lids, and, as mentioned, even turn doorknobs. They wear a bandit-like mask, which seems fitting given their sneaky habits. Urban areas, like cities and suburbs, often witness raccoon-human interactions, which can be both amusing and challenging for homeowners.



Mainly found in attics, squirrels are agile creatures that love to jump, climb, and scurry around. They have a penchant for hoarding food, often hiding nuts in various locations. While watching their antics can be entertaining, they can also be a source of concern for homeowners. Squirrels can cause havoc by chewing on wires, insulation, and wooden structures. Their strong teeth can pierce fabrics, and their nests can catch fire. They’re cute, but turning your house into a playground is another matter.



Mice are often associated with unclean conditions and for good reasons. Mice are scavengers, often entering homes for food and shelter. Their rapid breeding rates mean a small problem can quickly become an infestation. In addition to spreading diseases, they harm structures. Pests that nibble on food containers, walls, and cables can be a pain for homeowners. Their urine and faeces pollute food and pose health dangers. The droppings and urine can contaminate food and pose health risks.



Birds like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are often enjoyed for their lively presence. But occasionally, they can become an issue because of the tendency to build their nests in less-than-ideal places. Due to their unusual gray feathers, pigeons frequently sleep on building edges, which can get filthy. Brown sparrows, which are little, may nest in vents or under roofs, and black starlings, which have colours of green and purple, may gather in huge flocks. Taking care of these “unwanted nesters” means balancing honouring their natural behaviour and coming to considerate solutions that reduce potential problems.

How to Safely Remove These Pests?

Identification is Key

Before taking any action against pests, accurately identifying which creature you’re dealing with is crucial. Misidentification can lead to ineffective treatment and may even exacerbate the problem. Different pests have different habits, breeding grounds, and vulnerabilities. Recognising the specific pest ensures that you can target its unique behaviour and lifecycle, providing a more effective and efficient solution. Correct identification is the first step toward a successful and humane pest removal strategy.

Select the Best Approach

Once you’ve determined the culprit, the next step is to choose an appropriate removal strategy. Only some approaches are suitable for some situations. The options include natural remedies, chemical treatments, traps, and baits. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Natural remedies may seem safe, but they may not be effective for large infestations. Chemical solutions provide fast relief but are risky, especially in families with young children or pets. Therefore, you must balance the pros and cons of each strategy based on your circumstances.

Use Humane Traps

When dealing with unwanted critters, choosing a kind-hearted approach is always preferable. Live traps, designed to capture pests without causing them harm, are a compassionate solution. These traps allow for the safe relocation of the captured animal, ensuring it remains unharmed throughout the process. However, it’s vital to monitor these traps regularly. Leaving an animal confined for an extended period can cause unnecessary stress and suffering. Always handle and relocate trapped animals carefully, keeping their well-being in mind.

Seal Entry Points

The battle against pests doesn’t end once they’re removed. You must take preventive measures to ensure they don’t make a comeback. One of the most effective strategies is identifying and sealing all potential entry points. These can vary from tiny cracks in the foundation, gaps in window or door frames, or holes in the roof or attic. Using appropriate sealants or mesh screens, block these access points, ensuring pests can’t re-enter. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and securing your home is an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Maintain a Clean Environment

A clean environment is your first line of defense against pests. Pests, especially rodents and insects, are attracted to food sources. By ensuring that your home, especially areas like the kitchen, pantry, and trash storage, is clean and free of food debris, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of attracting unwanted visitors. Regularly taking out the trash, sealing food items in airtight containers, and cleaning up spills are simple yet effective steps. Remember, a tidy environment is less inviting to pests, making it a proactive approach to pest prevention.

Hire Pestong Pest Control

For residents of Ajax seeking a trustworthy and efficient pest control solution in Ajax, Pestong is the go-to service. We pride ourselves on our expertise in tackling diverse pest issues. Our team of seasoned professionals ensures each infestation is handled with care, adopting methods tailored to your specific problem. But our service isn’t just about removing existing pests. Our environmentally friendly strategy ensures that elimination doesn’t harm the environment. Pestong provides a long-term, eco-friendly pest management solution.


Ajax, with its proximity to major metropolitan areas and beautiful coastal parks, is not immune to common pest problems. While these creatures are a natural part of Ajax’s environment, understanding how to coexist and manage potential conflicts is crucial for a happy and healthy life. For those in Ajax seeking a comprehensive solution, Pestong offers professional pest control services tailored to individual needs, ensuring a safe and pest-free environment.

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