How Much Damage Can Termites Leave in Markham

How Much Damage Can Termites Leave in Markham?

Like many other populated regions around Toronto, Markham is plagued by insect infestations and human-wildlife conflicts. Termites are among Markham’s most prevalent pests that invade homes and businesses. If you don’t get termites looked out right away, they might seriously harm your home or place of business. They harm your property’s wood’s structural integrity.

When termites invade a property, they enter through every available opening, even the foundation. Termites destroy major components of a home or workplace. The primary harms they produce are described here to help you understand them better. If you see any warning symptoms, contact our Markham pest control service.

Termite Damage: What is It?

Termite Damage

Termites use cellulose, which they get by chewing through wood, to stay alive. Termite infestation is most prone to affect wooden objects and buildings in close touch with the ground. Termites are a major issue for homeowners since most houses are constructed mostly from wood in Canada. Termites may swiftly spread and consume wood, impacting the strength of your house.

When termites are present in a home, predicting how much damage will occur before a termite treatment is applied may be impossible. The colony’s size, species of termites, and location may all affect how much damage is done. The sort of contaminated wood itself may have a role.

Termite Infestation’s Impacts

Termite Infestation's Impacts

Damage to walls

Termites often cause damage to walls since this is one of their best habitats. The good news is that appropriate inspection may help to control this. Wood heaps, splintered wood panelling, and moist regions are typical sites. Taking care of these problems before the termites inflict any harm is crucial.

Infestation of carpet

Termites are also discovered in cellulose-based items, including carpets, picture frames, and books. Early summer is when they breed, and late spring is when new colonies are born. These spread quickly and often find room beneath the carpet. These often adhere to the carpet in the corners. They often leave a few spots on it, but it is still necessary to be cautious since carpets are an excellent area for them to flourish.

Aesthetic Defects

Termites may cause aesthetic harm in addition to structural harm. Damage to the flooring, paint, or wallpaper—which may need to be replaced—are signs of a termite infestation. Additionally, it causes unattractive mud tubes to grow on the wall, another indication of a termite infestation.

Health Dangers

Termites do not spread dangerous illnesses like mosquito-transmitted Dengue Fever or germs that cause food poisoning symptoms like Salmonella. However, it could result in allergic symptoms like asthma in certain individuals.

Time-consuming and Expensive Repair

Your normal home activities may be disrupted as you organize with a repair contractor, prepare to move out of the house, and then return. In extreme cases, replacing door frames, dismantling connecting features like built-in kitchens, and re-doing ceilings may be essential. These show why working with a professional termite treatment service is important, which can provide an accurate diagnosis and assure the proper treatment. 

Termite identification

Early detection of the indications is the best approach to save costly repairs caused by termite damage. Fortunately, several very obvious signs indicate a termite infestation may exist. In the beginning, if you see blisters on your wood flooring, it can indicate termites below the flooring. Your walls, floors, or other wood surfaces may contain wood hollowed out or otherwise harmed by termites from the inside.

The inside of the wood becomes a honeycomb as termites nibble away at it. The result is either a hollow sound from the wood or extensive grooves. Termite wings may also be discovered next to closed windows, doors, or other places with access to the outside. Termites purposefully remove their wings while looking for a new colony. Mud tubes outside where your home meets the earth are another telltale clue. Termites build these tunnels to preserve a certain temperature and humidity level so they may remain underneath and consume your property.

Termite Control and Treatment in Markham

Termite Control

Termite damage repairs might be more expensive. In the worst-case circumstances, termite damage requires the demolition of whole structures. The good news is that you may take several preventive steps to lessen the chance of termite infestation harm.

One strategy is relying on an expert to conduct regular termite inspections within your home and surrounding property. Other preventive procedures don’t need a specialist. The following are some preventative measures you may take to prevent termites from invading your property:

  • Have an annual professional examination performed.
  • Keep termite habitats away from the building’s direct vicinity.
  • Tree stumps, firewood, scrap wood, cardboard boxes, and plants buried in the ground should be removed or moved.
  • Watch out for any foundation settling or movement that can provide new entrance points for termites.
  • Fix any roof or plumbing leaks immediately to prevent moisture from entering the building envelope.
  • Maintain the roof gutter’s condition and ensure they divert water from the structure.
  • Keep physical barriers, like sand or mesh, intact by avoiding covering them with soil or mulch or allowing roots to penetrate them.
  • Fix poorly ventilated restrooms, leaky pipes, leaking laundry dryers, and air conditioner condensation leaks that lead to moisture buildup that attracts termites.
  • Crawl areas should not be used to store wood, cardboard boxes, or other items made of cellulose.

Hire Pestong Termite Control Experts in Markham

Markham is a city still expanding and becoming more urbanized, which mostly draws termites, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, and ants. Although these pests may be a pain for any property owner, they can also do significant harm and shouldn’t ever be ignored.

Pestong pest control will come with the right tools and solutions since we know not all issues can be treated the same way.  We’ll treat your property with care and leave it pest-free. Our termite control service has many Markham residents sleep better, so contact us immediately to solve your pest problems quickly and affordably.


Unnoticed wood-damaging termites might damage your house. Our Pest control specialists may check a house to maintain its value. We can locate and eliminate the insects in your house. Discover an infestation early to avoid significant repairs or replacement of wooden buildings. We employ a great way to keep wood-destroying insects out of your house and avert catastrophic structural catastrophes. If you suspect a wood-destroying insect infestation, contact us now.

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