Squirrels may be cute but these little rodents are anything but cute when they infest inside your house and bring in an array of problems that are incredibly hard and frustrating to deal with. They may seem harmless and may seem like anything that you would want take home and take care of as a pet, but squirrels can be pets, and they can be pests at the same time. It’s a conundrum and it all depends upon how you solve the situation at hand when a squirrel infestation takes places.

Many people are not aware of the act that squirrel infestation can happen and when it does happen, you can be sure of the fact that other kind of pest problems are at bay waiting to happen in just a little while due to the infestation of squirrels in the house or the area that you are in. So, you need to understand why a squirrel infestation happens and why it is considered problem to understand why you must need Squirrel removal Scarborough services.

Reasons Why A Squirrel Infestation Can Be A Problem.

They are very hard to remove.

Unlike many other rodents, squirrels are at the top of the “clean chain” because they are very hard to remove once they have nested inside your house, these rodents are very determined to exist in the place where they have decided that they will live—it is either them. This can be considered he first reason as to why squirrels remain a big problem once they have infested inside your house, another problem is that they have ever-growing teeth.

They Will Gnaw At Various Things Inside Your House.

Squirrels have this ingrained inside their mind and very nature that they need to be gnawing at things in order to exist, this is how they are and the places they will start biting ad chewing are the roof timbers that are inside your loft which are the perfect place for them to do so. Another reason why squirrels tend to bite and chew so much is because it is their way of keeping their teeth from growing too much long. So, think of it as if they are doing maintenance to their teeth while making you spend extra money to maintain the aesthetics and practicality of your house.

The roof timbers are not the only places that squirrels like to chew, they will start to chew through the pipes that are for water and electricity, and you know for a fact the additional problems that can arise when a pipe or cable is cut and how it can make you more prone to water hazards and fire hazards etc. Something so little as this can be a big reason why your house could burn down and you won’t ever know the reason why. Just imagine how uncanny it would feel if someone told you that your house burned down because a squirrel chewed your gas pipe or electricity cables. Squirrels have even made the roofs fall because of their constant gnawing on the joists of the roof. People have fallen to the ground from the higher floors because of squirrels and all of this just makes them not so cute in any way at all.

Squirrels have even made family go homeless for months because the squirrels chewed onto the water pipes which caused a massive flooding—all of these scenarios are quite common and happen a lot and people and homeowners tend to only know about them through Pest control Scarborough agencies when they come to them for help or else this thing just remains a secret.

They Are Very Protective When It Comes To Their Territory.

Squirrels like all guardians will of course get protective especially when they have babies in their nest. So, basically, the moment squirrels have made a nest and have babies, you can be sure that they will stay and raise their babies. They will get aggressive and territorial if you come near them.

They Can Bring In Other Pests And Contaminate Your Food.

Not just this, squirrels’ feces can be dangerous to your health as it has contaminants that can make you allergic and sick. It can even invite other insects and pests into the house and may even contaminate your food through the air.

How Does A Squirrel Get Inside Your House In The First Place?

Squirrels can get inside the house through various ways. They can take advantages of some gaps that are in the house i.e., vents as well as holes. They can even enter the loft by gnawing on the fascia boards as well as the soffits. Even window frames are gnawed at so that the squirrels can get inside the property. Squirrels can come from the top of the house or from the bottom, and even the ground level, they have many ways to get inside, they can even run through a wall. But mostly they can get inside the house through the wires that are outside as well as long tree branches that can reach the top of the house where chimneys and roof tops are not covered completely.

How To Know If You Are A Victim Of Infestation?

If you want to know the signs that can showcase that you are in fact infested by squirrels then they are the following:

  • You will hear big thuds and noises. Sometimes you will hear it from the roof or from the walls at random times, but mostly during the daylight hours.
  • There is less insulation as the squirrels are slowly taking these areas for their nesting purposes.
  • You will see that there are damages done to your appliances and equipment all-around your property, this is a surefire sign that squirrels are here and they are here to stay.
  • You will see that their feces will be all around the property, they are brown and cylindrical, these feces can bring in other pests for that you will need the Pest control Scarborough services along with getting rid of the squirrels.
  • Look for footprints in the dust.

How To Solve The Infestation Problem?

Now that you know how bad squirrels can be and they can bring in other forms of pest problems such as mosquitos, ants, roaches, and rodents of different kinds. You know what you have to do to treat this infestation. You cannot attack squirrels, nor can you kill them, but what you can do which is the safest solution is to call a professional Squirrel removal Scarborough service.

Professionals will use live traps and spring-activated traps to capture squirrels and make them get relocated to a place better suited to them along with cleaning your house or property and fixing all the squirrel-related problems that you have had to face.

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