Seasonal Pest Control Tips for Brampton Residents

One issue you’ll always have to deal with in every season is domestic pests. Pests may vary in variety and frequency, but they will always be there. It’s an unpleasant fact of life for everyone. While certain pests, such as bed bugs and cockroaches, are active all year round, many insect invaders are often seen inside during one of the four seasons.

Planning before certain seasons will help reduce the possibility that your property will experience specific pest issues. Before the pests become more active, hire our pest control service in Brampton to protect your house. Every new season ushers in changes, including an array of new pests. Some bugs prefer to stay home to avoid the chilly winter winds, while others flourish in the summer’s warm, balmy air.

For humans, being warned means being prepared. Knowing which pests are most prevalent throughout each approaching season is the best method to get your house or place of business ready.

We’ve listed the ultimate seasonal pest control tips for Brampton residents to help you constantly be aware of the pests that could annoy you throughout the year.

Spring Pest Control

spring pest control

Pest issues

Ants, Bees, Carpenter bees, Termites, Ticks, Mosquitoes

spring pestmosquito







Spring is the ideal time for many pests to start waking up from winter hibernation because of the rising temperatures and rain showers. Pests, including ants, bees, termites, ticks, and mosquitoes, start mating at this time of year. Addressing external hot spots in the spring may aid in preventing undesirable pests from entering your house. Pests become more active and start looking for food outside of your house in the spring, especially from March through May. However, this does not imply they will seek refuge elsewhere. If your house has supported them, they can hesitate to choose another place to nest, particularly if they are young.

Preventing Infestations in the Spring

Preventing pests from entering in the first place is the best method to handle them. Regularly scan and check your property to ensure any holes or cracks are patched as soon as they are noticed. In addition, you should keep your house and garden tidy. Maintain a small lawn and keep plants away from the house’s foundation. Feeding animals inside and cleaning up after every meal would be nice.

However, contact our Brampton pest control experts and arrange a house inspection. Our qualified technician will examine your property to assess the severity of the issue and provide service recommendations. They also provide you with a price quote for any possible services.

Summertime Pest Control 


Pest issues

Ant, termite, Mosquitoes, Wasps & Hornets, Fleas, Ticks, Earwigs, Spiders, Bed bugs (though they can be a year-round problem)

summertime pest


bed bugs






Brampton has a hot and muggy summer. Ant and termite infestations, as well as issues with stinging insects, are most common in the late spring and early summer when they are attempting to establish new colonies. This time of year, mosquitoes are also highly numerous and often bite individuals attempting to spend time outside. These pests may be annoying and pose health hazards. 

Preventing Infestations in the Summer

To stop pest breeding, regularly check your property for any standing water and remove it. To keep flies out, put screens on your windows and doors. In outdoor spaces, think about employing fly traps and insect repellents. Homeowners may also benefit from our expert pest control treatments to lessen the number of stinging insects in and around their yards. Hire our professional examination and treatment for summer infestations and free yourself for the nuisance pests. 

Fall Pest Control



Pest issues

Termites, Rodents, Ladybugs, Cluster flies, Boxelder bugs, Spiders, Stink bugs

Boxelder bugs


Stink bugs




Homeowners notice an increase in bugs surrounding their houses as autumn arrives. In the autumn, termites that take advantage of damp circumstances, ants, and roaches hunting for food are some of the most frequent pest issues. Mice and rats looking for warmth are another. Anything that won’t be able to live outdoors sees your home this time of year as a large, welcoming beacon.

Preventing Infestations in the Fall

Autumn is the peak season for pest infestations because when the weather cools, pests seek refuge inside. In search of food, roaches and ants become more busy before winter arrives. Food should be carefully kept in airtight containers, and crumbs should be swept up often to prevent these pests from entering your home. You should also maintain your garage and storage rooms tidy and clutter-free (if you have such items).

Winter Pest Control

winter pest control

Pest issues

Rodents , Bed bugs, Cockroaches , and spiders 

winter pest






Rodents will start to nest in preparation for the warmer months of spring throughout the winter. In addition to preferring damp, gloomy environments, cockroaches may become more active during the winter. Bed bug infestations are also very typical this time of year due to increased travel and holiday guests.

Preventing Infestations in the Winter

In the winter, pests are a regular annoyance.Try to keep your place spotless and food waste-free. A specific focus should be placed on the kitchen and bathroom areas when sealing cracks and fissures. Drains should be regularly inspected and cleaned to eliminate any possible cockroach-feeding sources. Your best choice for getting rid of most winter pests, such as rats, roaches, and bed bugs, is to call our professional pest control business. Our regular inspections may aid in spotting early indications of infestations, helping you to save expensive damage.

Hire Pestong Seasonal Pest Control in Brampton

Pest Control Service

To maintain residential premises free from annoyances, residential pest control services are essential in the Brampton Area. Hire our pest control company in Brampton that performs an excellent job, is knowledgeable about local laws, and specialists by various pest concerns.

You can rely on Pestong Pest Solutions to keep pests out all year, whether in winter, spring, summer or autumn. With our all-inclusive treatments, we visit your home or place of business often to ensure your pest issue is permanently solved. We provide several removal and pest control alternatives to homes and businesses, whether you currently have bugs or want to take preventive steps. Avoid pests at all times, regardless of the season. To set up your inspection, get in touch with us.

Our Brampton Exterminators offer a full range of residential and commercial pest management services, from preventative measures like bug spraying and rodent baiting to locating the origin of current infestations. Homes and businesses in Brampton are safeguarded from unwelcome pests thanks to their professional assistance!


Which month is ideal for pest management?

Early spring is the ideal time to do pest control on your homes and businesses. When the pests are scarce, you may get rid of their nests by spraying in the spring. The treatment will be more effective and enduring since fewer insect colonies and nests exist.

When are pests at their busiest?

Insects thrive in the summer. The ideal environment for pests to thrive is warmer weather. The summertime is when fleas and ticks are most prevalent. These hitchhikers will cling to people and animals alike if there is more lush vegetation and food.

Which approach to pest management works best?

The greatest and most successful approach to pest management is prevention. Ensuring that you are taking steps to prevent pests from appearing in the first place. Eliminating food sources is a key component of prevention. Typically, this is a lot of housework and regulations.

How are pests managed at home?

Food, cooking utensils, and other personal belongings should be removed (or covered) from the treatment area. Before cooking:

  1. Give the kitchen countertops a thorough cleaning.
  2. Avoid spraying furniture or other surfaces that members of the household often touch.
  3. Use surface sprays only in off-the-beaten-path locations, such as around skirting boards.

How can cockroaches be eliminated?

Some pesticides for controlling cockroaches are administered as dusts or powders. Boric acid and diatomaceous substance earth are the two substances that homeowners know the best. Boric acid often works better for cockroach eradication. After crawling over surfaces that have been treated, roaches die from boric acid.


Homeowners may prevent possible pest infestations by carefully following our instructions. Remember our seasonal pest control tips suggestions next time you have a pest problem. Our professional pest control professionals know what is necessary to identify and successfully deal with pest problems. To ensure a pest-free environment for your company, feel free to hire our residential pest control services customized to your unique requirements.

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