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Your home is your sanctuary and no one wants creepy crawlers running around in their sanctuary. Maybe it’s your location, maybe its temperature of the area you live around, maybe it’s your lack of time to take care of your surroundings, whatever the reason, pests have decided to infest your home and become a major nuisance to you and your daily grind. Well, you have to worry no more. At Pestong pest control there is a solution for every kind of pest. Anyone who has suffered from pests in their homes knows that any attempts to clean it up yourself will only result in a disaster where you will have more insects frantically running around than ever before. For you the best possible options to consult one of the best pest control services in Scarborough. If using chemicals is a definite no for you, the pest control services at Pestong have some of the best organic pest control services at hand. You can use these methods yourself if more suitable to you:

Mint Tea For Ants:

Ants are more likely to be attracted to areas around the house that sustain more moisture. This implies the kitchen and bathroom, laundry room areas. These ants once settled into your bathroom or kitchen environments will likely build nests behind the sink or under the tiles, etc. Mint leaves or mint tea bags are useful for repelling ants. Peppermint is a natural repellent for insects. If you leave out dried mint leaves near the places where they seem to be most active you will at least control them from making a permanent nest. When they are more out in the open you can easily kill them.

Diatomaceous Earth For Dust Mites:

Diatomaceous earth is a powdered form of silica rocks. You can just sprinkle it wherever they are and they work by piercing the exoskeleton of the mites while they pass by, this will instantly kill them. You are most likely to find dust mites thriving in areas like carpets, beds, pet beds, furniture, and sometimes even on walls. Dust mites also tend to thrive on humid temperatures so be sure to dehumidify your atmosphere to avoid the infestation of mites.

Boric Acid For Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are one of the most resistant kinds of pests that will breed in moist, dark places where they can hide. You are likely to find a couple of them behind the refrigerator, behind the sinks and stoves, under the floor, drains, inside motors, and major appliances. Roaches like to roam around in high places. So, if you sprinkle boric acid on top of the kitchen cabinet, these cockroaches are likely to carry it to their nests where they will kill the rest of them too. Boric acid is effective because it sticks to their bodies, when they clean their bodies, they ingest the acid and die, cockroaches tend to feed on dead cockroaches so you are killing a bunch of cockroaches at once.

Neem Oil For Mosquitos:

Mosquitos are a problem for the moisture areas. They can be particularly annoying because they will prick your skin and cause an itching sensation. Neem oil wards of mosquitos owing to its strong smell. You can even mix neem oil with coconut oil and mix it on the exposed parts of your body.

What Is The Best Organic Pest Repellent?

The best pest repellents that are organic are neem leaves, salt spray, onion and garlic spray, diatomaceous earth, and Eucalyptus oil.

How Do You Control Pests Organically?

Organic pest control is a very simple method, especially with powdered forms like diatomaceous earth, you can simply sprinkle the powder in areas where there is a greater pest population or where you suspect the nests and breeding grounds are.

Does Organic Pest Control Work?

Although both natural and chemically induced methods of pest control work, the natural methods may take a little more time to give the same effect, the synthetic methods are designed to obstruct specific functions in a pest.

What Are The 3 Methods Of Pest Control?

There are three main methods of pest control that include biological pest control, physical pest control, and mechanic pest control methods. However, the most effective method is the biological pest control method.

Pestong uses all these three methods to provide some of the best pest and bed bug control services in Scarborough with their advanced technology and in-depth understanding.

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